About Ambient Dynamics

At our core, Ambient Dynamics is a bunch of audiophiles producing audiophile-grade equipment.  Essentially, we're a bunch of nerds with way too much time on our hands.

Our managing director, Ray, has been in the audiophile scene for years.  He's spent thousands of dollars on good IEMs, but quickly became frustrated at how prohibitive the cost of maintaining this hobby became.  Similarly fed up with high price points, Orange, our R&D director, decided to approach a couple of his friends with a set of IEMs he made by hand.  After hearing the quality, our other founders encouraged him to pursue this dream.  Thus, Ambient was born.

We've spent months designing, redesigning, and producing high-quality IEMs for everyone to enjoy.  Our primary mission is to provide quality audio for everyone, without a prohibitive price tag.  Music is for everyone, and we want to make sure everyone knows it.  We would love to help everyone not only enjoy their music, but to rediscover their music, finding something new in the same songs they know and love.